Equipment & Machine Rentals

(special pricing for monthly rentals available)
Delivery/Pickup not included but can be provided.

**4 hour minimum **
Mobilization fee is not included

Per Day
Per Week
Bobcat E20
4,000# Excavator with Towtem Grapple ($50,000 value)
Bobcat E32
8,000 # Excavator with Towtem Grapple ($75,000 value)
Bobcat E55
13,000# Excavator with Towtem Grapple ($135,000 value)
Bobcat E60
15,000# Excavator with Oilquick & Towtem Grapple Attachments ($160,000 value)
John Deere JD85
20,000# Excavator with Towtem Grapple, Steel Tracks with Clip on Rubber Pads ($145,000 value)
Bobcat E145
36,000# Excavator with Towtem Grapple, Rubber Pads & Push Blade ($245,000 Value)
John Deere JD135G
4,000# Excavator with Towtem Grapple, Steel Tracks w/ Push Blade ($235,000 value)


1. Insurance certificate holder needed w/ $5,000 deposit needed.
2. Rental agreement needs to be written with a loss damage waiver.
3. Washington Drivers’ license is required to rent.
4. Maintenance agreement needed. Information about checking fluids on. equipment, greasing, and proper fuel.
5. Delivery & pickup are extra depending on drop off location.
6. Repairs are expensive* billed at $185 per hour plus shop materials for mobile repair and $155 for the shop rate.
7. Cleanup fee $150. Please have tracks clean of mud/dirt/debris/rocks.
8. Diesel $10.00/gallon. Please return the machine full of Diesel fuel.

Here are some of our top of the line equipment:

Bobcat MT85 Mini Track Loader

This mini tack loader is perfect for the tight fit places. Great for smaller projects.

Operators: Shinda “The Rock Whisperer”, Jeff “Jeffy”

Bobcat E165 Large Excavator

This large excavator is in the 16 to 18 ton class size. It is perfect for large, heavy duty projects.

Operators: Shinda “The Rock Whisperer”, Cy “The Rock Guy”, Pat

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Our team has been serving Seattle and surrounding areas for decades, providing numerous rockery services—including wall design and installation, environmental land and ground clearing, and excavation services.

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