Steps & Risers

Steps & Risers

A terraced stairway can add a lot of atmosphere and class to an outdoor entrance while remaining functional. Thanks to the variety of materials available at Olympic Rockeries and Construction, we can design a terraced stairway that will provide a striking visual impact to complement your home and add to its resale value.

Steps vs. Risers

Many people seem to use the terms “stairs” and “risers” interchangeably, leading to confusion in the design process. Simply put, stairs are the entire assembly, while risers are only a small part of the entire stair.

Risers are the vertical face of the stair or step, holding up the treads. They’re common in most staircase designs, though modern open stairs or floating stairs don’t have any risers at all. Risers tend to complement the main portion of the stair and can add a lot of visual interest to an otherwise boring stairway.

The Materials We Use

You can make stairs from almost any material. When it comes to outdoor stairways, we recommend using robust and weatherproof materials for the ideal mix of functionality and aesthetics.

At Olympic Rockeries and Construction, we work with our clients to identify the best materials for their needs. From easy-to-maintain gravel steps to paver block steps, we’ll design stairs that will highlight and accentuate your landscaping and outdoor style.


Concrete is incredibly versatile and allows for almost any color and style you desire. We can use integral colors and staining to create unique marbling effects and color variations that will mimic natural stone while being more resilient. We offer concrete risers, steps, and even balustrades (railings) that will fit perfectly with your home.

One of the best advantages of concrete steps is that they are durable and hard-wearing. If your path sees a lot of foot traffic, you’ll appreciate how well concrete handles pressure while still looking great for years to come.


Natural stone is a terrific performer in a wild garden since it can complement almost any type of landscaping. Stone risers can vary from single blocks to multiple smaller pieces, adding visual flair and interest to the stairs. We often pair stone stair risers with solid natural stone treads for an appealing and naturalistic effect. One of our most popular designs uses light paver block steps with dark stone risers for dramatic steps that still feel like part of the landscape.


Wood stairs are becoming less common, but they’re still an excellent choice for decks and pathways into your home. The main drawback of wood is that it’s prone to water damage and rotting. It also requires extensive weatherproofing.

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